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Collections have disappeared


Dear Webflow Community,

I’ve been having a wonderful time developing websites through the Webflow platform. It has revolutionised my workflow. Thank you!

However, this morning, when logging in to continue development on one of my websites, I noticed that two of my collections have vanished. They no longer appear in the Designer. The templates have also vanished. One collection remains.

I can retrace my steps to regain the collections, by restoring to a previous backup. But I’m writing this here to make you aware of the issue. I believe it may’ve happened when I enabled ‘Ecommerce’. As it happens, the Ecommerce collections have also disappeared, but the Checkout and Order Confirmation pages remain, with a new option to ‘Enable Ecommerce’.


I’m posting the share-link below, but I will be restoring to a back-up to continue working, as time is of the essence. I hope that you’ll still be able to see what went wrong maybe?

Big love from London.

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hi @nickharty

Thanks so much for posting about this and for you patience.

Our team is working at high priority to get this resolved. Did you by chance try to restore to a previous version of your site?

​Thanks in advance!


HI @nickharty

Are you still encountering the issue — did restoring to a previous version help?

If not please let me know and I should be able to transfer a working version of your site to your account.

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