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Color Swapping Feature: Global Swatches


It would be really cool if we had a color swap option on the colors which we use on our websites, say if we have a library of colors like this:

And we are using those selected colors on our websites, it would be nice to have a "Swap Colors" option to where we can click on one of our saved colors, change it, and the changes are made across the full site (cascading color swap haha). I can see this working really nicely for us to pick different color schemes even. Maybe even a collaboration with colorhunt would be really neat for us to swap out color schemes. smiley wink @callmevlad @thesergie @PixelGeek any thoughts?

I'm sure that this kind of color-swap or color-scheme-swap functionality would have a mass appeal to any level of user (from beginner to expert). smiley

Thanks for being awesome, have strength in the week ahead! smile



Baseline grid, swatch library & "Style guide"?

I like that idea. Could be extra useful in theme creations. When you buy a theme you also get to choose from different color options or you could of course do your own.


Internally we call this "Global Swatches". We've been doing some work on the guts of the designer to make this possible. smile


Wooot! Thanks @thesergie I'm so stoked now smiley thanks for being awesome smile


Any update on the progress of Global Swatches? This would be SO helpful!!


I could really use this on every single project I create in Webflow.
I really miss Global Swatches/colors – are there any news on the progress of this update?

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+1 This is going to be huge for theme creation. I would definitely like to see this.


One bump to this idea of global color swatches... many designers have their own set of colors they like to work with and carrying their personal swatch from one project to another would be just awesome


Any change global swatches will be implemented soon?