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Community Challenge #1


Topic: Favorite childhood cartoon
Due date: Updated to 9/02/2015

Design a single page story based on your favorite cartoon character or cartoon series. In your page tell us why that character or show was very dear to you when you were a kid.

Note: Do not post your design in this thread. PM the read-only link to a Community Expert.

Check out this post to learn the rules, how to enter and what awards you can win.

You can find the profiles of the community experts here: @AlexN @Arthur @jaidenleach @PixelGeek @sabanna @StevenP @vincent

Good luck and have fun! smiley


I call dibs on Rocket Power haha smiley #Skater #Surfer #Snowboarder #ExtremeSports smiley smiley smiley surfer


@Waldo_Broodryk It's not #madeinten but it's better!


@Arthur We can just start a sub-thread of these #madeinten haha smiley
This will be so much fun! I will most likely spend more then ten minutes on it though. smile


Well luckily you have a whole week, I'm expecting good things! smile


Haha good smiley I wish we could submit more than one, I have too many ideas lol


make them all, then submit your best one. smile


I guess part of the challenge is picking your own best work.


#ChallengeAccepted smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley


@Waldo_Broodryk you can always publish the others but just not submit them smile


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with smile @Waldo_Broodryk


Good luck guys and girls, I cannot wait to see what you create smile


Great! Does anyone know if the site has to be mobile optimized?


Yes. It's one of the categories that you will be graded on. Please read the rules smile


Thanks, I'll take a look! smiley


This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.



Very nice ideia to make the community to engage @Pixelgeek!

Will not have time for the first one but will defo be up for more challenges on the way smile

[Win a Webflow Shirt + a coupon code] Community Challenge projects due Sep. 2nd! :D
First Community Challenge due date is coming!

Wow very nice @PixelGeek ! But wow... I'm going to start right now!
We could have an extra time on this first challenge, isn't it? :))

Let's go!


OK. I'll push it to next Wednesday September 2nd. smile