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Community Challenge #2 Winners


Thanks to all the participants who decided to challenge themselves to create something awesome. smile

Here are this week's entries:

Advanced group:




Beginner group:

@Timsig (the only participant in this category. Winner by default)


And the winner is...

Second place - @Revolution
First place - @rowan

Congratulations!!! smiley


We'll be announcing the third challenge this afternoon. If you want to win some Webflow credits, join in the fun and challenge yourself to create awesome things!

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@rowan, @Anna_Kelian, @Revolution, all great sites ! It will be a hard choice this week !

@Timsig, congratulations and also nice site smile

Everyone did well, there are no losers here in this group !


wait. There's was a competition ?

Congrats @Timsig ! smile nice job

Good luck to to all.


These were great, nice job everyone. Can't wait for the music player features to come to Webflow wink


I am so confused @PixelGeek. I submitted my site to @Arthur, but it's not even listed as being submitted into the contest.

I have proof of when I sent it if you need it. wink

Congratulations, though.


sorry about that! I'll ask him what happened.


Thank you, it was for the Advanced group, if that's necessary.


Way to go @rowan @revolution @Anna_Kelian & @Timsig smile you all did great work!!! Hoping to see many more entries from you all and the community in the future contests to come smile #WebflowFTW #MadeInWebflow smile

You all rock!



I really like these challenges. Keeps your ideas Fresh smile - But truth is that I'm 'mostly' too busy with client projects. But maybe that shouldn't be an excuse. Curious to learn more about the new challenge smiley


Thanks all for the encouraging words. Hoping to have time to have a crack at the next one.

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