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Conditional Visibility Changes?

Did Webflow change how it handles conditional visibility?

It was my understanding that Webflow only serves the HTML of a page that is set to be visible. Meaning, elements which use conditional visibility to be hidden shouldn’t be served.

I use conditional visibility to serve a user different layouts and elements depending on toggles and settings in the CMS.

I notice that when I view my pages in dev tools there is now a class called “w-condition-invisible” and it’s setting that element to display none. Meaning it’s serving the full page and using display none to hide after the fact.

This would seem to be bad from a page loading speed perspective as well as from an SEO perspective.

I don’t remember ever seeing this? Is this a recent change?

Nope. This is how they have been doing it as far back as I can remember. You have to take this into consideration when building pages where SEO is important.

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Bummer, that’s not at all how I was hoping it would be handled. Definitely tempers my enthusiasm for the feature. Thanks for the clarification.