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Conditional Visibility - Or instead of And


Is there a way to use two conditional visibilities, but have it use “or” instead of “and”? For example, I only want the statistic of an athlete to show if they have either Goals OR Assists recorded. Basically I don’t want the Top Athletes to show the people who don’t have stats yet.

Here is my public share link (It’s the Top Scorers page under Leagues & Teams):


You can try this with the CMS. Check out these posts & tutorials:


Hi @allykat87

As far as I know this OR instead of AND is still a limitation - and even co-founder Sergie finds it a pain!

@thesergie - any news on this - would it be a quick win for the new year?



Ah, didn’t see that on the Wishlist - I’ve just added 3 more votes then!


Is this still not available?