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Conditional Visibility - Or instead of And

Is there a way to use two conditional visibilities, but have it use “or” instead of “and”? For example, I only want the statistic of an athlete to show if they have either Goals OR Assists recorded. Basically I don’t want the Top Athletes to show the people who don’t have stats yet.

Here is my public share link (It’s the Top Scorers page under Leagues & Teams):

You can try this with the CMS. Check out these posts & tutorials:

Hi @allykat87

As far as I know this OR instead of AND is still a limitation - and even co-founder Sergie finds it a pain!

@thesergie - any news on this - would it be a quick win for the new year?


Ah, didn’t see that on the Wishlist - I’ve just added 3 more votes then!

Is this still not available?

Still waiting and hoping for this to be added in case anybody is listening…


How is this still not available? It’s been two years.

Oh yes this is a “must”…

It is a great improvement that AND/OR has been implemented recently to filtering options. Now, please, do the same with conditional visibility, too… :slight_smile:

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I also need this feature.