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Configuracion de DNS


Hola, necesito ayuda, soy muy nuevo en esto, pague un dominio en y no se como configurar los dns, hice esto y no se si esta bien

si alguien me puede ayudar a configurar o me dice que estoy haciendo mal lo agradezco


Webflow does not host nameservers (NS record). You have to set A or CNAME records.



Thanks for the reply, but requests 2 delegations.
What would be the other server?


No, don’t point your nameservers.


Hi Samliew. doesn’t provide a DNS Manager to make the changes webflow require (A/Cname). Actually, their only option is to delegate. What should we do in this case?

Should we use a third-party service like zoneedit’s to manage the DNS records?

Thanks in advance.


In that case setup your domain on cloudflare.


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