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Configure Webflow with goddaddy? - TTL 300 is no longer an option


Hi ,

TTL 300 is no longer an option when pointing when setting up godaddy for webflow. Thoughts?




I hope I'm not stepping on any toes by speaking for webflow, here, but you can set that to basically any setting there and be fine. I'd think if you set it for 1 Day you wouldn't have a problem.

Basically it sets how often your DNS servers are queried.


I set it for Custom and then 600 (600 seconds), which is the lowest it will go. Also, godaddy made it sound like cname was optional, so we didn't add one since we don't need a, for instance.

Thanks again Cricetm, and I'm open to others' thoughts as well.




This may be a redundant question but have you tried calling godaddy's customer service? Any time I've ever had any issues they were extremely helpful and quick to resolve my problems and/or walk me through it.


Half an hour is perfectly fine.


Hi @brryant, was showing great, but just would show no site.

I contacted godaddy and they said that it's confused between the host records and

They stated that if I deleted one of them, they would work just fine...which do I keep and which one do I delete?

Thanks @brryant


Hi @nathanphilsteele - make sure you add the naked domain as a custom domain in your dashboard settings. Currently there's only your "www" version. After you set it, make sure to republish your site. Everything else looks good on the DNS side, and GoDaddy has no problem with 2 A Records. I'm surprised their support told you that since it's absolutely supported by DNS. Go figure...

BTW, the concrete art on that site is awesome! Really wish we could decorate our office space with some of those pieces. Great job on the website!


Good to go!

He's a great friend of mine. He's a one man show and likes to take road it might be a possibility if you find yourself really interested. He's got an awesome video that will probably be up Friday on the stay tuned :slightly_smiling:

Thanks @brryant


I forgot to mention that him and his work are premiering on the DIY Network on the show Flip Nashville @8 pm CST

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