Streaming live at 10am (PST)

Confirming i have DNS SSL etc setup correctly..?


hey folks!

would smbdy be kind enough to take a peek at my configurations and give thoughts?

i certainly read and reread bunch of topics on the matter…my new past time is reading WF forums posts i swear. also just off the phone w godaddy who says its setup correctly, but i just feel like is not right… or messy etc. besides this exp im not familiar … id research what everything was does and stands for but still.
gd says 24-48hrs :flushed:

also ill note that i set www. as default… post screengrab

thanks much!


That’s right they are correct from what I see


@aaronocampo :pray:

much appreciate you taking a peek!


all running correctly on this end as well @aaronocampo :sunglasses:


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