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Conflicting Tooltips within Webflow

There’s something confusing about Webflow’s tooltips that I’d like to share with the team.

I was cautioned by Webflow to set my Body element’s position to relative per this tooltip’s advice (because the child Div Block is set to Absolute):

(click to see full image with tooltip)

However, Webflow does not allow the Body’s position to be edited, as stated in this tooltip here:

(click to see full image with tooltip)

I think Webflow might need to remove the caution symbol and associated tooltip if the parent element is the website Body, unless I am missing some specific case here.


Hi @seetravers

Thanks so much for posting about this — definitely looks like some conflicting instructions there.

I’ll get this reported to our team so we can work out more accurate copy here. However, I wasn’t able to reproduce the behavior on this end.

When I add an element to the body and set it to position absolute, I’m unable to see the yellow warning notification:

Can you please share your Read-Only link?

​Thanks in advance!

Hey Brando :slight_smile:

I did some more testing and discovered you can recreate this bug by making the child element a symbol (topbar-wrapper is a symbol in my case). Try making Section 15 a symbol and it should reveal the conflicting tooltip. From my testing, this affects both Chrome and Firefox.


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