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Confused about about background colors and the cloned site



I cloned this site:
Site: http://tone.webflow.io127
Read only:

From this forum:

But, I'm confused as all get out about the mechanics of it.

I tried deleting the first section from my cloned site, and broke it so I undid it.

My cloned site, just incase:

What I'm trying to accomplish:

When text from a below section comes into view, the background that is a gradient gradually fades into a different background gradient.

I think I just need a brief explanation, and I'll be good go.

Thank you in advance and best,


Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)


Hi @DharmaNode

Would it be possible for you to tell give a tiny bit of advice with this?





I figured it out.



Hey sorry for not getting back to you. I didn't see your messages until now. Glad you figured it out!



Wow! Great use of this trick!


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