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Confused! GDPR / Privacy Policy / Cookies / Webflow Data Processing Agreement / Privacy Shield

OK…I have read the different posts on this but I´m confused! Can someone please help clarify these steps?? :slight_smile:

  1. I create a website in Webflow for a client in the European Union (I´m also based in the EU)
  2. I add a pop-up cookie notice on the website, asking for permission to use cookies.
  3. Add a link to a Privacy Policy document - where do I get a privacy policy from?
  4. The default option should be to ´opt out´.
  5. Using Google Analytics on the site is fine, as this is anonymous. Is this a correct statement?
  6. The client needs to request the Webflow Data Processing Agreement to sign. What is this document?!
  7. I disable form collection information within Webflow, only the client should see this info (sent to their own personal email)
  8. Do I need to link the Webflow Privacy Shield on the website? And what on earth is this?!

RE: cookie bar: do I also need to add something like “your data will be sent to servers in the USA” ?

Is there a preferred Webflow solution / widget for this? I know @PixelGeek did a youtube video on modal pop-ups. And there are 3rd party ´cookie pop up generators´. What do people use??

Sorry for the long list!!! I´m just trying to make sense of it all.

After doing all those things, does this make me GDPR compliant?


How are other Webflow users creating their pop-up cookie bars? 3rd party widgets´ or designing from scratch in webflow?

Also, if anybody can help with points 3, 6 and 8 that would be great!


OK…looks like I´ll work it out on my own!!