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Connect Webflow Landing Page to Web App



I have been hired to design a web app with a landing page.

Instead of the developers working on the web app and the landing page, I want to tell my client that I can design and build the landing page, and then we can connect it to the web app after the developers complete it.

What is the best way to connect the Webflow landing page with the web app?

Thank you for your support.



Thinking of the top of my head here…

I would suggest that you keep your web app on a sub domain (eg. and add a link to the web app on your landing page that you are designing and developing on Webflow.

The landing page being designed on Webflow would be on your main domain (eg


+1 for this approach.


First, thank you for your reply, I appreciate your time.

Second, will that mean that my client will need to purchase 2 domains, and get 2 hosting plans?


Generally speaking, no. For example if your domain is, then you can add an A record in your DNS registrar for the sub domain

It depends where your webapp is being hosted. If your developers are using Webflow then yes, otherwise it depends on where they are hosting. There are services like Firebase with very generous free tiers that can be used for this.