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Connecting CMS categories to a dropdown menu


Can I link a dropdown component to a collection template I created?
I have a list of categories that needs to go under a general link in the menu.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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You can put a dynamic list in your dopdown and link it to the category collection. Add a text link in the dynlist item and set it up as a link tot he category template where you put a dynamic list showing posts filtered by category.


Hi there, I did this on this site, as Vincent says - so, yes you can!

The 'Blog Categories' and 'Blog Authors' are pulled from the CMS - including the Blog Author thumbnails.

Regards - Kai


Hi @Keejo could you please explain me how did you create the dropdown to collections.

The only problem I need the dropdown outside the nav bar

Thanks in advance


Hi @carlos94587 - Yeah sure! No problem... You can drag in a Dropdown component anywhere on the page; inside or outside the nav bar and it will work the same. Just add a dynamic list inside the 'Dropdown List' and add a Link Block to connect to your collection:

Hope you get it working!
Regards Kai


Excellent, thank you so much