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Connecting multi-image field to slider on CMS template page

Hi everyone,

I had a project recently where we needed the ability to connect a multi-image field like this:

To a slider on a CMS template page like this:

As far as I can tell Webflow does not support this natively, so I wrote a custom script to do it. I have made a demo site showing how I did this here and you can clone the project here.

If you clone this and use it for yourself there are a few things to note:

  • The custom code lives at the CMS page level in here:

  • The script references data-tags on various elements that look like this:

Current limitations:

  • I did not code an option for infinite scroll.
  • The animation is hard coded to be transform 500ms ease 0s as this is the Webflow default. I can’t read it on the fly from the page so at this stage you are stuck with whatever you hard code in the script.

Just dropping by to say this saved me hours of coding. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, glad it helped!

Hey there @jasondark Thank you so much for this, but the script is missing from your demo site, please can you add the scrip back in or past it here pretty please? Much appreciated

Hi, not sure why you can’t see it, it’s still there: