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Connecting Webflow and Shopify with Zapier


I previously asked about the possibility to run Webflow and Shopify together to create an optimized ecommerce experience for both the customer and the admin. I love Webflow customization possibilities but the lack of e-commerce features are a real concern for me. The most important missing feature is the ability to get offline orders or the ability to make manual orders.

The idea is to supercharge the Webflow sales process with the power of Shopify (without all the drawbacks of it).

I found out that Zapier offers a whole range of interactions between Webflow and Shopify.

Among them, there are interactions that allow to create an order on Shopify when an order is created on Webflow.

That interaction would help me to transfer the orders on Shopify and manage them there. If i works as intended, that would be the way in to Shopify from Webflow. Great !

The issue is there is apparently no way to make the way back. There is a “updated order” interaction but I assume it’s only dealing with what is inside an order, not his status. So I assume Shopify doesn’t allow the get order status send to Webflow to trigger automated customer mails. Shame.

So is there anyone that worked with interaction between Webflow and Shopify ? What works ? What’s not ?

also looking into this, first try auto syncing product, it seems that mapping the correct fields is not straight forward