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Connecting webflow with united domains

Hey Webflowers!

I have a question about hosting your webflow site on the hoster united domains.

So, i already watched the tutorial on how to connect a custom domain…
-> create a custom domain, then change the DNS Settings on my hosting to the ones, webflow provided me…

Following Problem: i just tried to add a new a-record to my domain DNS settings. For that, o have to set the host to “@” and typing in the IP. But as soon as i wanted to do this, i had to realize, that i am not able to change the host of the A-Records… in the tutorial (which showed another hosting, i know :wink: ) he could easily change the “Host” to “@”…

So do anyone here can help me in that specific case with united domains?

Have a great day!

I am guessting that you never heard any response on this?

Currently having the same issue, and any tips would be greatly benifical