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Contact pages coming in from the side on click - issue with 2



I've probably gone a bit overboard on the interactions but I have a nice Contact form that comes in from the side on click and then disappears when you click on the cross in the corner.

Further down there is another form for a different purpose which once again comes in from the side on click and then disappears on click.

All quite magical and wonderful.

However when I click on one form and then later click on the other the ** 'close' on click ** interraction doesn't work.

Is there any way to keep both forms interacting nicely.

I can supply my draft site if necessary.




Hi @zorro7120, thanks for your question smile It definitely sounds like we would need to see the site, especially when interactions are involved. Could you share your site's read-only link so I can take a closer look? More info on read-only links here:

Cheers, Dave



Sorry for the delay. The link I believe is:

Hope you can assist.





Another site I have been working on has a similar issue. It seems that when you call the side bar in and then close it the page seems to think that it is still there and hides any links underneath.

Is there something I can do to this interaction to clear the memory of its location.