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Contact pop-up site disable


Hi all,

I hope you can help.

My site:

The KONTAKT site (found in the navibar still have a pop-up contact site coming up from the bottom.
It closes fast but I need to disable it completely as I have a normalt kontakt site now.

Thanks a lot.



Hello, @VFJ99
You probably still have the trigger assigned to your "kontakt" element in your interactions panel, even if it's now linked to a new page.
Do not hesitate to provide a read-only link of your site if you want people to help you out.


Thank Laurent. Here is the read only:

I hope you can find the issue. Thank a lot


I just found what you suggested now. It worked.. Thanks a lot!!!
Have a great evening.
Greetings from Denmark


Cool !
Good evening to you too !:grinning:


thank you, maybe you can help me with this also... since you are a genius :wink:


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