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Contact us ? new lovely website, no contact us link working


As we sit and wait for decent ecommerce stuff which never seems to appear........ and they have time to build a new website rather than deal with the MANY issues I see people post about

i did see they changed the new lite, arrogant to deem people hobby because they do not need the pro services

Now......the........ contact us buttons both go nowhere its like clicking on an empty much for the lovely new design website

charged for extra form submissions and my form page shows not 1 form submission for a year.....but try to ask a question about billing etc, you get 2 links one on the page where you get to the forum and contact us at the bottom of the page both useless dead links you still offer customer service or is it just our problem when you charge us for things we are unable to find.......???


Can you clarify where exactly the contact us button isn't working?

And yes, we still offer support. You can email us at


there are only 2 that I know of......both do nothing

1-the help and support link....leads to 4 boxes support.....CONTACT SUPPORT...

first 3 work...... CONTACT SUPPORT is empty link

at the footer at bottom of page is exactly the same thing Contact Support.....,goes nowhere

thanks for the email


I think @TimPhillipsDesign is talking about the help center

@TimPhillipsDesign Though those links work for me. They are milato links which don't work for people who don't have a mail client setup to connect with those links.

@jmw So maybe just updating those links to a form would avoid that issue for some.


Yep, that's the issue. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!



Thanks Alex....that explains it

All I see are the 2 contact support links which went nowhere, there is no logical way for someone to know they must have something set up to use the those links, ...... all my mail for business goes through my Cpanel mail accounts.... and if that is the case then they need to put the contact email in those same places....I am sure I am not the 1st

thanks again........Tim


We'll be altering the design. Thanks again.


All the Contact Us links I found are "mailto: links".

It opens your email application.
Which is kinda strange (who does that anymore ?)... but it works.


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