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Control when an Iframe is loaded on a webflow site


Hi Community -

I am stuck on a particular issue with my webflow site.

The main site I am building will have a number of iframes linking to interactive HTML5 content. I want to have one iframe load automatically, and then control the loading of the other ifames with “tap to load” buttons. The iframe content can be quite data-heavy, so having them all load automatically when the page loads bogs down the user experience.

I have put together a tester site to show two simple iframes. I want the top iframe to load automatically, and I want the bottom iframe to load only when the “tap to load” text block is tapped. I think I have the interactions for the said text block wired correctly (suggestions for making it better are welcome).

This functionality is a pretty important part of having my webflow site mobile friendly and not a data-hog. Any help on how to configure this functionality would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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