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Converting a Webflow web app to a native app


Anyone have any experience converting a Webflow web app to a native app for iOS and Android?


I doubt you could achieve a “native” app using Webflow as it produces HTML, CSS and JavaScript rather than objective-c, swift or java.

Having said that, there are a number of frameworks out there that let you build an app using a web stack (think ionic, framework 7, quasar) which then imitate a native experience. This approach is generally sufficient for most apps’ requirements. You could in theory use Webflow to build all your interfaces and then use vuejs or angular to build an app this way. But then why would you when it’s so much easier just to use a proper UI library.

If you want a real quick and dirty hack job you could always build your website in Webflow, make it nice and responsive, then use a service like gonative, appster, appypie. These tools basically take a website, make it look like an app, then can help you get the app shipped to an App Store.

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Check out
I use the in5 html export plugin to build apps using InDesign so can’t see any issues with using a Webflow export.


Can we do it in unity app development software? If yes, then is it necessary to hire a unity developer for this?