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Converting XML DATA from blog to .csv file for CMS


I want to import the blog posts from a website. They allow me to export the data. The file is a .xml file that I tried to convert into .csv file using an online convertor tool.

I get this:

Then I try to enter that into the CMS fields but it doesn't work and I don't get anything.

Can someone help me telling me the way to convert properly XML into .CSV and then import the blog-posts?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @leetch,

I understand the struggle. :nerd:

I have done a lot of work with Wordpress, and I recently moved a few blog posts over to Webflow:

I would suggest the WP All Export plugin that allows you to export collections into a CSV file:

Hopefully this helps :blush:


Thanks for your (very) quick answer I'll definitly go check your video.


No way to get a plugin which is not 100$ worth?



Purchasing the plugin would only be for the "Pro" version. The free version is all you would need to export your posts to CSV.

You can use the free version by clicking download at the following link


Thanks a lot , sorry I didn't see it.