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ConvertKit integration



Has anyone recently successfully integrated ConvertKit and Webdflow WITHOUT Zapier?

I have used the “post” method on my form, added the URL, and named the fields accordingly but it just opens an error page.

Anyone, please? :pray:

EDIT: I’m dropping out from ConvertKit (watch out: their affiliate program is very good and they have too many good reviews that don’t necessarily live up to expectations). I’m giving it a go to Autopilot instead :slight_smile:


The easiest way would be to use an HTML embed to insert a ConvertKit form right on your site.


Yeah, but then I don’t have proper control over the design of my forms and the interaction with the rest of the site :slightly_frowning_face:


I can’t see their API, as I am not a customer. So no way for me to tell if they accept a form post. Contact them. You can always use Zapier.

You could look at how to style HTML Iframe content.


Thank you webdev :slight_smile:

Indeed embedding and Zapier are great options to get something done. But since I’m setting up a new business, I’d like to avoid shortcuts and do things the right way.

I’ve checked the API documentation and it only says this: “If your product is mostly for capturing new subscribers then you should integrate with forms in ConvertKit. So in OptinMonster when a subscriber opts-in they are subscriber to a form in ConvertKit.”

Which I have no idea what it means. Should I integrate with OptinMonster? In the ConvertKit forms there are not many options other than “embed”.

When I go to embed, I get the full HTML code and it looks like this:
(Note: I’ve removed all the styling tags to make it shorter)

<script src=“”></script>
<form action=“” class=“seva-form formkit-form” method=“post” data-sv-form=“867730” data-uid=“25cf7a8ec3” data-format=“modal” data-version=“5” data-options="{&quot;settings&quot;:{&quot;after_subscribe&quot;:{&quot;action&quot;:&quot;message&quot;,&quot;success_message&quot;:&quot;Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription.&quot;,&quot;redirect_url&quot;:&quot;&quot;},&quot;modal&quot;:{&quot;trigger&quot;:&quot;timer&quot;,&quot;scroll_percentage&quot;:null,&quot;timer&quot;:5,&quot;devices&quot;:&quot;all&quot;,&quot;show_once_every&quot;:15},&quot;recaptcha&quot;:{&quot;enabled&quot;:true},&quot;return_visitor&quot;:{&quot;action&quot;:&quot;hide&quot;,&quot;custom_content&quot;:&quot;&quot;},&quot;slide_in&quot;:{&quot;display_in&quot;:null,&quot;trigger&quot;:null,&quot;scroll_percentage&quot;:null,&quot;timer&quot;:null,&quot;devices&quot;:null,&quot;show_once_every&quot;:null}}}"><div data-style=“card”><div data-element=“column” class=“formkit-column”><div class=“formkit-background”></div><div class=“formkit-header” data-element=“header”><h1>Subscribe to the latest news</h1></div></div><div data-element=“column” class=“formkit-column”><div data-element=“subheader” class=“formkit-subheader”><p>Don’t miss a thing!</p></div><ul class=“formkit-alert formkit-alert-error” data-element=“errors” data-group=“alert”></ul><div data-element=“fields” class=“seva-fields formkit-fields”><div class=“formkit-field”><input class=“formkit-input” name=“email_address” placeholder=“Your email address” required="" type=“email”></div><button data-element=“submit” class=“formkit-submit formkit-submit”><div class=“formkit-spinner”><div></div><div></div><div></div></div><span>SUBSCRIBE</span></button></div><div data-element=“guarantee” class=“formkit-guarantee”><p>We won’t send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time.</p></div><a href=“” class=“formkit-powered-by” data-element=“powered-by” target="_blank" rel=“noopener noreferrer”>Powered By ConvertKit</a></div></div></form>

What I gather from this and what I added to my form is:

  • Method = “post”
  • Action is the URL in there
  • The field should be named “email_address”
  • I’ve also added the corresponding attributes to the form itself: data-sv-form and data-uid

What I get is:

  • A redirection to the action URL with a “Uh oh! something’s not right” message
  • No subscriber on ConvertKit

What I would expect to get (what Mailchimp does for example):

  • Success or error message on Webflow (my site)
  • A new subscriber on my list on ConvertKit
  • Additionally/potentially: A new window IF there’s any other information to give like CDPR eventually

Do you see anything I might have been missing?

Oh, by the way! I have contacted ConvertKit. On my first interaction the support person didn’t have the technical knowledge to help me, I’m waiting to see if they can help me further. I’ve also signed up for their Slack and asked there, but no one seems to be active there :frowning:

Grrrr I have to say these marketing tools are super annoying. There’s a need for 10 to work together, all of them with subscriptions, then pay Zapier on top to make them talk to each other. And this is just for the marketing and sales part of the business! :woman_facepalming:t2:


@saravssantiago - I can’t debug this for you, but I noticed they do support webhooks. So you might be able to use the webhook post URL for unbounce and use that in the Webflow Project settings -> integrations -> add webhook (form submission).

Your field names should match theirs on your local form. Give that a try.


@webdev Thanks for your help.

After many tests, headaches, and reaching out to them (support couldn’t handle technical questions), I decided to drop out of ConvertKit.

I found out that they have a very good affiliate program, and therefore all the posts and advertising favors them but they don’t live up to the expectation.

I’m going to go with Autopilot which is an amazing tool. No form needs to be hooked up, just by adding a JS code snippet on the header (Custom Code), Autopilot detects every form on the site and gathers the data you need :ok_hand:

Also, Autopilot is 100% GDPR compliant, providing even a GDPR contract to sign.