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Copy and pasting CMS template not working


Hi All,

New webflow user here :slight_smile:

So I have created my CMS collection in my project.

I am now trying to paste a template into the project from a webflow free template.

However, when I copy the Content Wrapper that contains all of the sub-elements, and paste it into a page into my project, it just pastes an empty collection list and says " For pasting cross-site we had to remove CMS binding".

I have searched through previous topics and note has been an issue before. People have suggesting unbinding all links which I have done but still no luck.

Please any help would be great as I require this template as I can’t manually do this myself.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)


Convert the cms collection to static data (Without binding) + Without cms collection. Add read-only link (+ what pages + What list you want to copy/paste).



**countries collections-cms**
text feild - county
text feild - capital city

± the idea - your collection list:
Parent - collection list:
{child/item 1 div}
– France (h2)
---- Paris (h3)
{child/item 2 div}
– England (h2)
----- London (h3)

Create Parent wrapper (Add same class) - create child div (add same class) - add h2 (add same class + write france) - copy h3 (Write Paris + add same class)…Create one “perfect” item (with the same structure and classes) - than duplicate and change data for all items

Its little tricky - but only for one time (Next time it will take 5-10 minutes)


Thanks for the reply Siton!

Unfortunately I don’t understand the code (I’m new to web building!)

But I solved it, I hadn’t unlinked all of the binded elements in template.

I may try your method next time with if there are loads of binded elements!