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Copy interaction to other pages


Hi there,

I was wondering the following:

I did this small scroll interaction on a navbar/logo on the homepage. When I duplicate the symbol of this to another page the interaction is not duplicated with it. Is this just not possible or am I doing something wrong?

Hope someone can assist me with some help on this. Thanx!


Try to cut and paste.

Try to make a symbol out of it, delete, frag symbol on new page.

Carefully check if the Animations inside your Interactions aren’t getting duplicated (with addition 1, 2 ,3 in their names). That happens when you duplicate, but still, IX don’t work after the duplication. So try the 2 things above. i’m not sure if the first produce any good result, haven’t tested it.


Hi Vincent. What do you mean by “frag symbol on new page”?


Pretty sure he meant drag. :grinning:


I’ve just run into the same problem - I created a Footer (symbol) with a row of Social Icons, and then animated each of the Icons to ‘jiggle’ on mouseover. However, when I added the Footer symbol to a second page, the interactions weren’t copied over properly. Any thoughts?


I’m running into the same problem. I made a page scroll animation on an element on one page. Then made a symbol of it and when I added to other pages, there are no interactions on it. To recreate the animation on each page will take a lot of time. Is there any workaround?


Check out Sergie’s reply to my issue. Try setting the target to “class”.


Thanks for your reply. I have set everything to class but still no luck.


Shoot. Yep, confirmed. I just did a little test and I can’t get page interaction to copy. Guessing page trigger isn’t supported.


Thanks for checking it out. I will complete the rest of the site in meantime and hope there is a fix soon. Worst case scenario is I will recreate it again for each page.


As far as I can tell the only way to copy a page interaction is to duplicate the page.


Shoot. Yep, confirmed. I just did a little test and I can’t get page interaction to copy. Guessing page trigger isn’t supported.

We pushed a fix for this. Can you try now?

Note: it will still be broken for previously-duplicated pages. For those pages you’ll need to add the page trigger and choose the animation manually.


Thanks. It’s still not working for me. Interactions are lost when pasted into another page.


How do you have your interactions set up @Niall_Mc_Dermott?



Any luck with this @Niall_Mc_Dermott? I’m attempting to carry over a custom nav bar interaction from one page to another on my site. I’ve tried making a symbol of the new nav bar and placing it on another page however the interactions doesn’t carry over. @thesergie Have we discovered a fix for this?



Hi Kendrick_Dean,

No, I couldn’t get it working. I had to recreate it on each page.




are you still having this issue? I was able to make a symbol and put it on another page:


can i get your read-only link so i can look into your project as well?


Anything solved here? Still unable to copy elements with PAGE interaction, very frustrating