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Copy interaction to other pages

Same here, any updates @webflow team? Thanks!

Same issue with symbols and Page interactions.

Same issue. Please take a look to this feature @webflow

Hi @cheechee, @Arjun_Mahesh, and @niccolomiranda,

Thank you for following-up with us in regards to Page interactions, and I’m happy to help clarify.

Yes, we can use page load as a trigger to start a timed animation, however the animation is connected to the page itself and must be added to the page you would like it to be available for, even when connected to a Symbol.


Thanks for clearing that up, hope it can be included for any page / symbol use soon!? :slight_smile:

Yahoo, this worked for me!

I am having the same issue When I duplicate the symbol to another page the interaction is not duplicated with it.
Here a vide link:

Here is my public share link:

Hey guys, any word on this? I’ve got some page scroll animations for pulling a fixed navbar when you scroll down and reverting when you scroll back up. Would be a massive pain to have to recreate this on every page. Say it aint so! Or if there’s a better way?

What do you mean? It’s just a matter of creating a single interaction on every page (which of course could be a little bit daunting but why “massive pain”?).

It’s actually three interactions for what I want to do and quite a few pages.

I see. Yeah, that’s unfortunate then. Not that anything can be done about it thought :frowning:

:sob: feature request? allow us to copy/paste page level interactions (on scroll etc). if it was code, i could, ironically.

This whole thread is dedicated to this missing feature. I don’t think it is likely that it will be implemented. I don’t even see a mechanism. The page level interaction is not attached to an element so how do you copy it?

Bit dismissive of you mate. You could make the page interactions themselves selectable and enable copy/paste functionality. They do not need to be attached to an element.

Not at all, was just thinking how exactly this could work. If it won’t be attached to elements then it will be broken after copying most of the time since in my experience people rarely target classes rather than elements in their interactions.

No worries, probably just misunderstood your tone.

It’s a pagescroll element though, so no need for classes - it’s attached to the page itself. On Pagescroll, certain elements move in or out.

Yeah, and if those elements are not present then ix will be broken, that is all I wanted to say.

Tell me when you solve this problem? When will it be possible in the new interactions to copy to other pages?


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