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Copy page from template to project


Hi! I’m trying to copy use this blog template for my site and I want to take one of the pages of that template exactly as it is into my current project which is my main site. Is there any way to copy a whole page into another project? Currently, I’m trying just with Ctrl C and Ctrl V but the elements are not being copied.

Any way I can make it happen? If not, is there any way I can manage my blog from another project and this one become

Looking forward to any advice, have a nice day y’all!


No. You can copy elements that include children. Just not the body.

No. CMS collections and items are managed via a project in the designer, with the exception of using the API (from an external system).


One work around to copy a whole page… throw all page content (from inside the body) into a single div. and then copy and paste that! @Matias_Puletti


Yes this technique works great. I should have mentioned that what I do!

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