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Copy Trigger into new Interaction


would really appreciate the ability
to copy / duplicate an interaction...
so I can simple retarget the interaction to another class.


click interaction on div_1
- calls div_2

copy interaction... and point call to div_3... then div_4... etc.

This would useful if you have several interactions that are similar.

Currently... each interaction has to be manually created.

ADMIN EDIT: This feature is already live now in the Designer - Waldo


you can currently duplicate an interaction and then change the targeting class. Is that what you mean? I have used this method many times. In the interactions list there are three options edit, duplicate or delete.


This will be a little difficult to explain... and may be a little confusing.

Once you create a set of triggers
- you can copy it and assign it to another class

At a much lower level (within the the class)
- you can also copy Steps within a Trigger.

But within a class
- you cannot copy a Trigger that to a new Trigger (Example 1).
- and cannot copy a Trigger to a new class (Example 2).

Example 1:

(Assume) Select class div_Svc-1 and click on the Assets Tab (Interactions)

onClick (of div_Svc-1)... I want to affect the positions of 3 other classes
- div_Svc-2, div_Svc-3, div_Svc-4.

So... I create a Click Trigger and assign it to div_Svc-2
- and add whatever steps are needed for that Trigger.

At this point... I cannot copy the newly created Trigger (assigned to div_Svc-2)
- to div_Svc-3 or div_Svc-4
- even though (in this particular case) the steps are very similar and only need minor tweaking.

I have to manually create each Trigger (and all Steps) for div_Svc-3 and div_Svc-4.

AND... in explaining this... I used 3 DIVs to make it easier to understand
- In this particular project... I actually have 15 triggers... not just 3.

Example 2:

If I select class div_Svc-1 again... I can copy the entire set of Triggers
- then click on class div_Svc-2 and assign the newly copied Triggers to div_Svc-2.

I can do the same thing for div_Svc-3 and div_Svc-4.

Now - Assume that I make a change to a Trigger in div_Svc-1...
- or add several Triggers to div_Svc-1.

I cannot copy the changed / updated Triggers
- or copy the new Triggers in div_Svc-1
---- to div_Svc-2, div_Svc-3, or div_Svc-4.

Again - I have to manually create them.

If you are dealing with a lot of Triggers with a lot of Steps...
- and changing changing a lot of values...
- a copy Trigger to class would be very helpful.
---- (If a Trigger was already copied... a "forced update" would be nice as well.)