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Copying design elements across from my other webflow designs


Hi, I'm just wanting to know if it is possible to copy elements from my other existing webflow designs to new sites?

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Easier way to copy and paste template elements?

Hi, it is not currently possible to copy/paste elements from one webflow site to another webflow site. You can duplicate sites and all their content and elements and use duplicated sites as a baseline for new sites, but at the moment, not share elements between site projects.


Hi Webflowers,

Hard at work here :).

Had a question, I know u can export a site to another user. But I made this nice presskit page, I want to copy it to another site of mine and make adjustments on it there. Is this possible? And If not, I would request/suggest this as a feature. I can build the page again, by looking and building stuff up again, but this would be a time saver. And as long as it's not a one use license paid template, I don't see anything against it.



My DIE-HARD Features Wishlist

You can't currently copy elements or pages from one project to another. This would be a useful feature though. smile


This would be a killer feature. Maybe it could work outside of certain projects or something. Just an element you save to your dashboard for future use.


This feature could bring webflow to the next level and allow bigger productions! Love to have the feature too. blush


Yep, need this! :smiley: Would be awesome to have the ability to build a toolbox of components.


Please give us this feature - or in the meantime allow copy/paste of code and css for the hardcore users.


Yes please also looking forward for this feature


Cloning public sites is already there and it's brilliant!
It is the killer function on top of an exceptional core product and can make webflow a global winner!
Why also cloning elements between sites is not allowed is beyond me!...certainly you won't make your money protecting/selling overpriced templates.