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Country redirect on International e-comerse site



I’m creating an international e-comerse site where I operate with different valuta’s and languages. Therfore I’m trying to make a redirect when customers enter my site, to my sub sites / domains wich i have created in different languages / currencies.

Right now i have set up 3 different sub domains:
1: wich i will have as “default” (EUR) (for everyone exept the extra sites i set up)
2: Norway
3: USA

How can i get the correct redirects? I have searched up and down, but i cant get the custom codes in the topics I’ve read to work.
I have also set up a country / currency selector (by link button), so if someone wants to change country, they should NOT be redirected to their country.

I’m not very in to web designing / coding… so step by step / where to post the code etc is highly appreaciated!

Thanks in advance.