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Create a fixed bottom Navigation container | how?


How would one (moi wink go about creating a fixed bottom Navigation container that of course doesn't move

I'm concept'ing an app, and using webflow to showcase what it could look / feel like (UI + UX flow)

Here is an example (look at bottom of page)

  • Other features I'd like to try with this
    • on rollover, have another menu show above it (I could use some nice transitions / interactions here)

Ultimately, I'd love to try to have a drop n'drag object that creates a new

with HTML 5 Editable content, so if anyone has touched upon this or knows of a great link, I'd love some help / direction..thanks wink


Drag a navbar, give it a class name, and apply these two properties : "position:fixed" and "bottom"

For your second question, find help here here and here (come back if you're lost like a penguin in Texas)