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Create a reservation or booking system with the e-commerce webflow platform


Hi guys,

I have built a retreat/event website for a client and now they want to have a system where they can start booking their rooms. (it’s a small place). They will not function as a hotel, where people can choose which dates they want to go.

The accommodations will depend on the dates of the events that are hosted in the place. For example; There is a 4 day yoga retreat and they want people to reserve their spot with up to 3 options of accommodation, (therefore dates are not a limitation since it will use fixed dates).

How could I do this using the e-commerce?

Thanks for your help.


Hey @Sebasgaes did you manage to get this working using Webflow’s e-commerce?

I have looked into using CheckFront and integrating it using their “droplet” feature, but I’m having second thoughts as the branding side of things is quite challenging.

As a background, my client owns a number of properties and has moved away from AirBNB and a similar site, due to a number of reasons. He’s ultimately looking to rent out his property’s on his website and he would like to be able to take deposits to vet the customer before accepting payment.



Hi @Sebasgaes
What you’re after should be possible with Foxy and Webflow. We’ve helped many Webflow users with booking type websites. Please feel free to DM or email: We can put together a proof of concept for you and walk you through setting everything up… free of charge.

You can learn more about our seamless integration with Webflow here:



There are a number of third-party form tools that you can also use to accept a booking deposit for example.

Take a look at some example form tools you can easily integrate into webflow.

Those are a few examples. Here are more…



I know this company make website with webflow and Airtable to do things like you want.

See AirBnb’s clone:

I think you can do something with that for free


Hi Dan,

I did not continue this type of implementation since the client opted for another platform. Although, I had a couple of conversations with the foxy team and they walked me through the process. Seems a bit complicated at the beginning, but with them it was pretty simple. I am about to use it for an e-book purchase in webflow. Shoot them an email and they will help you out, it’s worth it. Also the options from @webdev are good options as well.


We’re here to help if anyone needs anything.



Hey guys,

Big thank you for the info! I’ll check it out now.

Cheers! :smile: