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Create a similar website in Webflow



I just bumbed into :

This website looks awesome. Would it be possible to do that in Webflow ? I always wonder how people develop and maintain such websites. Anyone here knows ?


Integrating with Webflow

Front-end? Sure. Even Webflow's own official site is more complex than that.

It depends. If it was done in Webflow, that's all you need.


Thanks for bringing this site to my attention, their free plan is exactly what I was looking for :grin:


haha, same here.

But I'd like so add a question regarding that website.

In the "Features" Menu theres a lot of small hover animations.
Can you replicate these kind of animations (that many) in webflow without creating bulky code or lags because too much animation?

I visited site with only a new animations but my macbook went crazy anyways and some websites with lots of animations but they still didn't seem to need as much processing power.

cheers, J


Un Suisse Romand :slight_smile: rare d'en voir par ici haha


On est partout :spy:


It definitely sounds like a challenge for @PixelGeek :slight_smile:
Or may be we can take a challenge for ourselves and try to build it.
What do you say?


I say let's do that :grin:
@etienneflorent @Ilan_Golan @0nul


Just an FYI that site is a blatant ripoff of Stripe's design team has been killing it for years.


Je te paie une bière à Sion si tu y arrives :smiley: :smiley:


That is true! It's a known factor: once it's good, everyone steels it. The same happened with UBER. Not only a design had been ripped off by some other start ups, but the concept and a strategy. Unfortunately, those clones didn't succeed as a Master... So, there is not such rule, if you take something that had a success, it doesn't mean you gonna have the same result. There are always some invisible inner pieces that you can't just steel.

Back to our case, we just challenge ourselves with "Let's rebuild it with Webflow". It's fun. It makes us more professional in Webflow.


I only saw your Post now but damn, that menu looks fine! And no lags whatsoever :slight_smile:
Have to check out how you build it... :wink:


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