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Create New / Duplicate Page


Navigator -> Settings -> Link Settings / Page

When you create a new page
or duplicate an existing page...

Links currently on the page cannot see the new / duplicate page.

For example:

Assume you have PAGE-1 with 3 links on it.

You duplicate PAGE-1 and name it PAGE-2.

The 3 links on PAGE-1 and PAGE-2...
- will not "see PAGE-2".

If you then duplicate PAGE-1 to PAGE-3... the 3 links on PAGE-1, PAGE-2, and PAGE-3...
- will not see PAGE-2 and PAGE-3.

Exiting the Project and Reloading it... fixes this issue.

Repost of Previous Reported Issue
Repost of Previous Reported Issue

Hi @Revolution are you experiencing the same issue as @rowan? Or are they separate issues?



Hi @Revolution, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you add the read-only link - I''m trying to reproduce.


no. different issue.

I actually noticed this issue months prior to the recent update..

I reported it (back in March or so)... and had forgotten about it until now
- when I again encountered it by duplicating an existing page.

As I had mentioned... exiting / reloading the project corrects the issue... so It's not a huge problem.

I have not come across a similar issue to what @rowan described...
- though I have encountered slug issues when creating "an index page"
- which I mentioned here:


I've already exited the project frowning
and upon reloading... the pages (as expected) are there.

but here's a screen / video capture of the issue:


It seems as if - when you duplicate a page...
the function that updates the page list (navigator -> settings -> link settings / page)
doesn't always fire.



here it again...


Thanks again @Revolution! I've reproduced this and we're working on resolving this right now.

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