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Created a simple dating app MVP

The idea is that the main profile pic start blurred, and gets more clear as you read more about your match profile, resulting in a crisp main pic and an image gallery with some extra’s.

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That is really cool @Ozone, I like the fact that the user has to go through steps to achieve a goal, kind of like a video game. I like the idea.

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Creating a dating app is a very interesting topic, as it also provides several options for monetization. A good application should have several important features, namely Registration, Profile, Localization to select a specific region, Smart Match to search for a candidate based on preferences, Swipe, and of course opportunities for communication. By the way, here is a good article How to Create a Dating App It contains lots of useful information about app building, promotion, and approximate timeframes.

Create a simple dating app. I am very interested, but did not you use bots in this dating application that will unsubscribe to people, but they themselves will not be people. Why scoff at people looking for a soul mate? Just creating a dating site and creating bots there that will unsubscribe people is stupid. Why should people who are looking for couples have to suffer because they could not meet normally on the site and eventually find out that it was just a bot. Most often, such sites are still created by scammers. I’ve only known one site in my entire life with good dating apps. I often hang out there and meet a couple of users. This site is

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I like your idea. Really great