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Creating a donation form from scratch

Hi all

New to the forums. I am currently building a site for a charity and might need to create a donation form/module from scratch to connect to a payment partner. Can anyone point me in the right direction of any online resources that can help me build something like in the picture attached? I was hoping to use a third party module embed like donorbox but as the client is in the Netherlands we need to be able to take ideal payments which they don’t accept.

Anyone have any experience in this field? Would appreciate the help so much


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey Raj - have you looked into using @foxy to handle this? I think they’d be the ideal choice for your set-up, as they’ve got the ability to integrate a very large variety of payment gateways and Josh from Foxy should be able to get you up-and-running.

See more at (click on Donations on the home page)


Hey Raj! I’ve recently worked with a client in the Netherlands and our donation form also uses ideal. Here’s the link for it: - It’s hosted in a testing server so feel free to fake the whole payment process. It will work anyways.

If you would like some help setting yours up, just get in touch with me and I’ll help you out

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Thanks @mattvaru!

@Ten08 We’ve helped dozens of Webflow users setup donation forms. We support iDeal as well. Feel free to message or email ( and we’ll help you get started.


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Hi Jean, this looks perfect. Would it be possible to get in touch with you and discuss further? My email address is

Thanks Matt, speaking to them now. They sound great and i will definitely be using in the future but my current client wants to use another company to process payments that charge per transaction :disappointed:… definitely going to push for using foxy with the next one.