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Creating a Forum


Howdy Flower’z,

I’ve done a bit of research in the forum but haven’t been able to find anything that compelling that really answers the question.

I’m currently in the process of designing and building a site for my VR company. Part of my spec is to include a forum (just like this one) into the project. I was wondering if anyone had any experience integrating and developing a forum like this one into their projects and if so if they could reference me to their tooling and build stack!

Thanks for any and all help offered!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey @Alton_Wells

Webflow is just using Discourse for this forum. I think the best way to integrate a forum to your project is with a third-party app and a subdomain! There’s a lot of forum app out there :slight_smile:


It actually occurred to me that I should just inspect the page and found Discourse 10 seconds ago.

It seems to be pretty effective


Here’s a great alternative - Embed a Forum on your Webflow site


MyBB used to work great. I’m not sure why businesses don’t use it anymore.