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Creating a Gauge Chart


Is there any way of creating a gauge chart (circle graph) with a percentage counter from 0 up natively in Webflow? Here's an example of what I'm looking to do:


Haha, I tried and failed, with kind of the same reference as yours.

I googled it again and found this:

Looks like it's entirely possible to make it within webflow... easier than a full circle... still don't see how a full circle anim would be possible...

Here is how to make it:

I replicated it into webflow and I get that :

with minimum custom code, I show it at the end of the video. I didn't know if I could reproduce these declarations:

.container:hover .gauge-c { 
.container:hover .gauge-c {

and I'm pretty sure I can't declare the transform-origin: center top;
in webflow's UI

@cyberdave can I delcare things like .container:hover .gauge-c { in the UI?


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