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Creating a Membership Login site with payment options


Has anyone ever done a license access for a website they have built in Webflow? I have a potential project where the client would want to sell access to a site as well as have individual login/passwords for users. Looking for a way to add that ability to a site created here.



you are talking about a membership site.

what do you want to know.

Password protection for individual pages and folders

I am wondering what platforms are out there to be integrated with Webflow to achieve the membership access / login access. If it can be integrated right in Webflow that would be incredible, if it requires exporting and using elsewhere I am just curious what systems other people have been using.



You're asking about frameworks... something like CakePHP.

To use a framework... you will need to export the code and self-host.

Other than methodology and process...
- I probably will not be of much assistance... because I don't use any framework.

And yes... frameworks have their advantages (- and disadvantages).

Instead... I custom build the entire system out by hand
- using either php, coldfusion, or asp as the server-side language
- and mysql, sql server, or oracle as the back-end.

If you know how to prep Webflow...
- you can somewhat ease the transfer from Webflow to whatever platform you will be using.

It's easy to develop raw code...
- the hardest part is keeping the design in Webflow.

Once you have to modify something in raw code
- the difficulty of the transfer increases substantially.

These sites might be of interest to you

or search for
- php framework comparison

what you specifically asking about is the Auth Module

We use a custom authentication application we wrote.


I'd kill for a login membership feature in webflow. PERIOD....


You didn't clearly say what type of content members will have access to. However, I recommend you to check out and

I highly recommend - You can offer a monthly subscription, users login to access content/videos etc. Stripe and PayPal payments accepted. You can also embed a sign up form or subscribe/buy now button on your Webflow site.

Hope this helps.


Users should have acces to the webflow site. Can one of those do that?


I guess what you can do is set the webflow site as private, and only provide the password after a user subscribes via an external tool (mentioned above).


Ohhh man this would be mind blowing... please webflow smile


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