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Creating Custom Email Templates in Webflow


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I hope everyone have a nice day!

Im just curious if you guys ever thought of creating something to be able to create custom emails in Webflow? That would be cool!

Thanks for a great product!


What do you mean by creating custom emails in Webflow?


I mean if it is possible to create e-mails and use it to send with normal mails like iCloud or G Mail?
I hope I explain enough.

Thank you for great support! 😀


I think he means email templates where you can design the whole email structure within Webflow and simply copy&paste it to gmail.

@Daniel_Remes I think GMail is using the HTML within it's editor, so you can simply go to the designed-published website and CMD+A (ctrl+a) -> CMD+C (ctrl+c) the content and simply paste it to the new email content.


Would be nice to have a pre-made element that we can just drop in that obfuscates the sender address and attaches the necessary code. Like what is done here: