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Creating mega menu that pushes everything down by click trigger


I have a simple question: I'd like to create a mega menu with multiple triggers like this one:

Can that be accomplished with web flow?




Hi Phil,

if you are just talking about the push down, then yes. Totally doable.
In fact, I've built an example for you.
Take a look here.



yes! That's exactly what I'm looking for. What's the workflow for this? Thanks so much!



Ok, thats good.
You can take a look at how I've built it here.



Thanks again for your help. I've been tirelessly trying to implement this on my site but I'm having trouble. I feel like I've copied everything you did but it's not's displaying correctly. Here's a read only link:

What am I doing wrong?




@pbroome14 haha :yum:

Oh boy .. I am sorry if my solution has caused you problems. You see, the "push down" is just a height animation. So set your row to height 0 and give it an interaction like in the screenshot and it will work fine. I did this, because the link you provided showed more than one mega menu tab. Therefore I wanted the mega menu to open no matter where the user clicks and thus, I assigned the interaction to the Nav Menu, not the Nav Links. I thought this to be very obvious on inspecting the read only link I've provided.

Good luck,
Karl- Heinrich


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