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Creating Shapes in the Webflow Designer


Hey guys,
I created a bunch of clonable examples on how to create a bunch of different cool shapes in the webflow designer using no CSS, the link is here: and the whole site can be cloned here:

@vincent, remember this: Well, I solved it wink



Love the parallelogram! smile you can make all kinds of crazy shapes with css smile nice how-to-sandbox @Arthur smile


Thanks @waldo, yeah I'm working on increasing the number of items in it, currently in the works: A webflow only game of "Whack a mole" (gonna be awesome wink) a thing with sliders and a bunch of other things (descriptive).

If you have any ideas of things you think I should do or want to see an example of or anything PLEASE TELL ME! I am willing to put ages in to realise that weird half idea for a fun thing you had last year etc. smile The more complex the better.