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Creating two different collection page templates using the same collection


From what I can see so far, in order to create a “CMS page” or a “collection page” one has to create a new collection.

Okay, so maybe I am misunderstanding how Webflow works… but I can’t figure out how to create a new CMS/collection page without creating a whole new collection.

Here is the issue. I want to create a “property page” for a real estate listing, and I need two versions of this property page.

One version includes the real estate agent information, and the other version is an MLS-safe version that does not include the real estate agent information.

Am I understanding Webflow correctly in that I have to have 2 identical collections of real estate listings, and one of them won’t include the agent information?

If so… this is super counter-intuitive for a CMS. Isn’t the whole point to separate design from content, so that you can display the same data in whatever way you want without being forced to create duplicate data for a new design?

I really hope that I am wrong about this assumption.

Also, the item limits on hosting plans seem extremely limited. For example, it seems as though on the most expansive hosting plan with 10,000 items we would only be able to display about 150 properties before we hit our maximum CMS items quota… Is anybody else finding these limits too restrictive? How are you guys building web sites with such small quotas?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Edited title for clarity.

No, currently each collection can only have a single template page.

You can however, have a custom querystring like:


and use custom code to show/hide different sections accordingly for the second (or multiple) templates.


Okay. Do you know what the answer to this is?


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Oh, my goodness. This is very disappointing. I can’t believe this is not included. It’s such a basic feature for a CMS…

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I didn’t see this part of your answer about a query string in the URL. This won’t solve the problem, but it might help a bit. How do I accomplish this?


This is on a per-project basis as the custom code depends on what elements are different for each “template”. You can provide more details using this form and I’ll take a look.


I might misunderstand your question but; You can easily add multiple CMS “Collection list” elements into a static page and achieve different results on two different pages with using the same CMS collection.


I’m just picking up CMS and this makes sense to me. Do you know if there is a way to have a collection page and add collection lists to it? So, for a portfolio site I have a basic set of requirements/content that could be established with a collection page but the occasion project may require some addition content - more copy, or a image gallery for example. The ideal is for non-webflowers to be able to create a new project page, load the content via the CMS and pick and choose what additional blocks of content they want to include.


Hey Mario, are you able to quickly share a video or something on how you might achieve this, i’d appreciate it a lot.