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Crypto rates in webflow CMS

Hi All,

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, but I’m looking for a way to include live prices of crypto currencies from coin market cap into my CMS website.

It’s possible to obtain the necessary script from here :

I wanted to ask if this may be possible to add a custom script section in the CMS or is it’s going to break things?

I’m not a programmer, but can cut/paste code and slightly get my hands dirty. Just wondering if anyone might be able to give pointers as to where to start or if this is even posible.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I wanted to ask if this may be possible to add a custom script section in the CMS or is it’s going to break things?

Do you mean include this as an embed within a collection rich text field? I doubt you’d run into any issues but it can’t hurt to give it a try. The code snippet they give you is everything you should need to get it working on your site, so just include that wherever you’d like the ticker to appear.

I went ahead and quickly threw the provided on a page (shown below) and got it to appear without issue:

In the case of the page above, I pasted the script within <body> tag in the page settings, then created a custom div element with the class name provided (coinmarketcap-currency-widget) and all of the custom attributes included in their example:


That said, you can just copy and paste what they’ve included and it will give you the same result :+1:

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Hi @mikeyevin

Wow, that’s so kind of you to test it out… I guess perhaps I might have been overthinking it, when I posted. Makes sense what you suggested. Hopefully it’ll be smooth like your test… Will give it a shot!

Thanks again for the timely and helpful response!

Alas it didn’t work in the rich text CMS field…

I added “” in the "before /body of the pages custom code.

then the “

” inside a rich text in the CMS.

All I get is the code displayed on a page. I tried to replicate what you did and I couldn’t get it working either…
Ultimately I need this to work from each CMS item I create with different code for different tokens. So I don’t want to add the custom

each time. Should be lifted from the CMS Entry…

Any pointers or way I might access the designer for the test?

Thx again.

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I’m not seeing the code your using, but are you including the code with an embed element? The syntax will render as plain text if it’s entered like normal text:

I have a similar “issue” - I don’t want to display current market prices but next to a CMS price field would like to add the price in ETH. The price is set in USD in a number CMS field and now I want the equivalent of this USD price in ETH…? For payment gateway I anyways use bitpay where the price is calculated correctly but for the website I need to preview this ETH price somehow…