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CSS display:table


I know there isn't a default way to set a display:table on an item, but is there a way to get around this? I'm trying to center an element with vertical-align.

Ability to use a native Vertical-Align css style via the style panel

At the moment we don't have display:table, table-cell, etc, but we're trying to figure out a way to add it without cluttering everything as it's not a commonly used display property. For now you can target your class in the custom code and set display:table there. Thanks for your patience!

- display:table column height not equal -

Thanks so much. You guys are doing amazing stuff. Keep up the good work.


Would really love if this showed up when enabling the Advanced features toggle on the Position group. Or at least let us add "style" as a custom attribute and aggregate whatever value is in there to the element's "style".


+1 for making it available when viewing in advanced mode


+1 for making it available when viewing in advanced mode and I disagree that it's not a common display type, at best it's a less known display type.


+1 for vertical alignment of elements

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