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CSS Grid coming in March 2017 to Firefox and Chrome


Will webflow be ready for CSS Grid when it arrives in 2017? (Firefox, Chrome) :smiley: it looks amazing!

Read and see videos here


That will be some next level stuff!


I believe so, I've heard some rumours - cant wait for CSS Grid to arrive to all major browsers :boom:


It looks like it actually can replace Flex (?). The complexity is huge. But so is the possibilities :smiley:


I'm thinking they might combine great actually(not sure tho), and let's hope Webflow can implements this so that it becomes just as easy as using Flex in Webflow :smiley:


Try out CSS grid tutorial game here

Vote for this feature here


You might also like, "Does Grid Replace Flexbox?"

(Short answer: no. Long answer: yes)


Great presentation: CSS Grid Changes EVERYTHING