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Css holding onto old items that have been deleted


If you go to and do a search for “open sans,” not to be confused with “opensans” (“open sans” is the google font, and “opensans” is the one on the webflow server.), I see to items that I am not able to find and if I recall correctly, I deleted them months ago. These are “ux audit” and “main nav link contact.”

How do I go about removing them? Once I fix that, both the webflow hosted and google font will no longer both be pulling, just the webflow hosted one.

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Webflow not removing deleted/removed classes from the css file


Update, I figured out how to get rid of these classes. “main nav link contact.” was in an old instance that wasn’t being used. So I deleted the instance. The class was still showing up. What I ended up doing to remove the font was throwing an element on a blank new page and giving the element the names of the items that I needed to change the font in order to remove it from pulling deleted elements.

Still, the fact remains that there is a bug is that is not allowing one to clear classes after all instances have been deleted.



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