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Css shape-outside didn't work HELP


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Hi @Steven_Harris. You are using .image 7 (using space) so the CSS selector stands for:

Any element 7 that has a parent called .image

You cannot have an element 7 in HTML, so this statement never match anything. Instead you should use the class .image-7 or combo-class .image.7 so the styling gets applied properly.

Another tip that I learned from @PixelGeek’s stream was that you can put you custom <style></style> on an Embed HTML Webflow element. That way you can see you styling even before publishing you web site.

My last suggestion if for you tu use shape-outside: ellipse() instead of circle(), because your image is an oval, not a perfect circle.

You can preview it at this public link I made for you:

Let me know if you still have any doubts.


Thank you so very much. @gilson