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CSV Import With Multi-Reference Fields


Hello All,

I have a .csv that I am trying to import that has two columns for multi-reference fields (category and department).

These multi-reference fields are used to filter collection items based on the department and then by category to organize the dynamic lists into sections on a page.

I can't see a way to "map" which collection item relates to which department or category on import as the system has the multi-reference fields grayed out and won't let me map my .csv fields to them.

Am I missing something?


Hi @EOC, Mapping for those fields is not available at this time. However, that would be an awesome improvement to have for that feature, and is something you could definitely post about in our Webflow Wishlist.

I hope this helps


Hello @cyberdave thanks for the quick reply, that's a bummer to say the least. :cry:

We were thinking about migrating some WordPress clients in the near future, but how is this a truly viable option for migrating blog content if you can't pull multi-reference fields? All the categories would be left behind for manual input later... Doesn't the defeat the purpose?

Also, you may want to make a note to someone to update the how to article on .csv import to mention this... I wasted a lot of time creating a .csv that won't work.


Hello @cyberdave just read my last reply and hope it didn't come across as snarky, wasn't meant to :slight_smile:


Hi @EOC, no worries, you raise a valid point about the multi-reference fields. More support for this will likely come, but I do not have the timeline yet for that.

Multi-reference fields were not included to the first phase of CSV import and now that this feature is in production, it will continue to be updated and improved.

Many of the features now in Webflow have been requested in the past by customers who have trusted Webflow to build the features they need. Stay tuned!


Hello @cyberdave for the record, I think you guys are doing a great job and I look forward to new features and updates!


Yep. Hitting this wall as well. To the Wishlist!


Wonder if there are any updates on this. I am trying to import 150 films with all data for a festival, and would need to map the films to Tag and Series collections. So for instance one film would come with three tags, that would already be in another collection in webflow.

Can I multi refer these automatically? Or do we need a couple of days extra budget to map them manually :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

cc/ @cyberdave


We solved the issue by importing without the references and afterwards using the Webflow API to update the reference fields. Was a bit of manual work, but worked just fine.


@andre9000 thanks for the news of a workaround on this. It’s been a major issue for us too when creating CMS content from external files. Can I ask how you did it?? You did one pass that imported the .csv with the reference fields left blank - then what? Did you use zapper or any other automation in your process? Any guidance on this would be much appreciated. Cheers Dylan


I only used the webflow api with node:

You’ll need to fetch the item id of the item you want to reference.

we migrated several webflow collections into 1. the steps were the following:

  1. export collections into 1 standardized csv using the api. the reference id was an extra field “reference id”
  2. import the csv to the new collection
  3. setting references using the api and the id value stored in “reference id”

Hope that helps :slight_smile: